SOPRANO: new cabinetry and vanity top collection by Kohler

Paris -- December 10, 2014


Kohler has unveiled Soprano, a stylish, functional bathroom storage line that brings style and organization to bathrooms while meeting standards for individuals with reduced mobility (PRM). Soprano is a complete range of cabinetry and vanity tops with extensive storage capacity in base units and mirrors with shelves. The new collection’s contemporary, elegant lines reveal an alliance of materials that promise a warm, streamlined effect.


The Soprano range by Kohler: esthetic and modern for optimal use.

With the Soprano collection, Kohler once again lends its bathroom expertise by marrying storage capacity, accessibility and perfect finishes for private individuals and professionals.

Comfortable, accessible vanity tops

Single-or double-basin vanity tops are both esthetic and easy to care for, and are designed with large rear, central or side ledges (depending on the model) that are ideal for daily toiletry items.



Enhanced accessibility

The PRM-compliant vanity tops offer optimal accessibility. The vanity tops are extremely deep (54 cm) and may include tap controls on the right ledge. The button is therefore at easy reach for every member of the family. The user can also choose a non-integral tap for the fully available side ledge.



Easier upkeep
Attention to detail is not insignificant, also facilitating care to the vanity top. Thanks to the ceramic waste that blends into the basin, traces of water and dirt can be wiped away in an easy move.

Made-to-measure, smart storage

The Soprano Collection offers storage solutions at all levels: Vanity top cabinets, mirrors and side drawer units. A harmonious vertical geometric effect stems from the mirror, side or central vanity ledge, cabinet or slide-out drawer that are all in alignment.
The different cabinets are electively equipped with a door or slide-out drawer, along with two or four drawers, depending on the dimensions. The upper cabinet drawer includes compartments to make organizing easier. The door compartment shelf is removable.

img-soprano_4 img-soprano_5 img-soprano_6

The tall mirror was especially designed for the Soprano Collection. Due to its size, it can be directly joined to the vanity top with no tiling installation required between the two pieces, thus providing a continuity effect. The mirror is optionally equipped with esthetic, environment-friendly LED lighting. Storage is built into the mirror, allowing easy access to small items, thanks to 3 fixed shelves.

Perfect finishes
Finishes and smart practical solutions make Soprano furniture pleasant to use. The metal handles are built into the unit fronts and are invisible when the cabinetry is closed; drawers and doors have a slow-close feature.

The 4 melamine finishes offer a refined, elegant look to the furniture in this particular segment: Gloss White, Powder Beige with a velvet effect, Quebec Oak and Ebony.

img-soprano_7 img-soprano_8 img-soprano_9 img-soprano_10 img-soprano_11
Gloss White Powder Beige Québec Oak   Ebony Basalt




The Basalt finishes in the cabinet interiors provide a warm, refined look. The option of using this finish on the cabinet sides along with the Basalt fronts adds character and uniqueness to the furniture set.